CWAP Passed

Today I passed the CWAP exam. It feels great to have completed all three professional level exams.

Certification Exam Date Expiry Date
CWNA 09-08-2017 27-03-2021
CWSP 30-01-2018 30-01-2021
CWDP 21-02-2018 21-02-2021
CWAP 27-03-2018 27-03-2021

I took a slightly different tact when studying for this test. Memorizing frame structure is not something that came easily. I read the book the first time. Then I read it again. After reading the first 5 chapters, much of it out loud to myself, I had the brilliant idea to record myself while I read it. I installed Voice Recorder on my phone and read chapters 6, 7 and 8 out loud. I then started back at the beginning and read chapters 1,2,3,4 and 5 while recording.

Voice Recorder – Audio Recorder

Cover art

I also recorded sound bites of the different frame structures and tables. I recorded the questions followed by the answer for all chapters as well. I listened to these recordings any time that was available.

The weekend before the exam, I read the book again while listening to my recordings. It was a lot to cram into a weekend, but it was well worth it.

I was able to use the Wi-Fi Analyzer Pro software we have for troubleshooting at work to practice analyzing frames in the protocol analyzer.

I will now focus my efforts on creating my CWNE Portfolio.

CWDP Passed

Today I passed my CWDP-302 test. I was very happy to have received a decent score. I prepared for the exam by reading the CWDP Certified Wireless Design Professional Official Study Guide. I was not sure what to expect on the exam as this book does not have the practice questions like other books. I found it helpful to have design experience from work. I found many of the questions to be subjective. I could have selected two answers and supported them both based upon a certain explanation. I would like to know which questions I missed so that I can understand the reasoning behind their selection of one answer over another.

I will now turn my attention to CWAP. It feels great to be one certification away from tackling the requirements for CWNE. I have scheduled my CWAP exam for March 27th. I like scheduling the tests one after another. It holds my feet to the studying fire. I have a feeling I will enjoy studying CWAP better than CWDP. I found CWSP to be very enjoyable. It was very specific whether an answer was correct. This is how security works. This does this. This does this. This is very different than that. In any event, I am incredibly grateful to be getting so close to a big goal. I look forward to consuming the content in the next course and experiences beyond. Skål!

CWSP Passed

I passed my CWSP-205 test today. I prepared for the test by studying CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Study Guide: Exam CWSP-205. My wife bought it for me for Christmas last year along with my CWNA book. I read through the book twice and underlined the key topics. As the exam day approached I found the bonus features to be incredibly helpful. I ran through each chapter individually until I could get 100%. Then I went through the bonus questions one batch at a time in the same fashion. Once I had gone through each of the individual tests I lumped all the questions together in the site for CWSP-205 and went through it a couple of times. I ended up getting close to the same grade on both the practice test and the official exam. I could have kept going over the questions shooting for 100% but was ready to test. Most of the test questions on the practice tests were the same questions as are in the book. I liked being able to do it electronically as it provided feedback and explanation without having to flip to the back of the book. Increased throughput.

I passed my CWNA exam last August. I am planning on taking the CWDP test in February. My goal is to pass CWAP in Spring and Summer. Then on to CWNE. Time to break out the CWDP book and get started.

Wifi Viking Launched

Today marks a momentous occasion. Wifi Viking has launched. I am continuing my education as an expert in 802.11 wireless communications. This site will be a resource for all those who wish to join me on a voyage of discovery. Follow me into the waves which allow us to navigate the world. At times there will be storms. At other times there will be clear sailing. Wifi Viking will protect and serve all those who clamor for adventure. Welcome!