Bryan Noe was born into the wireless industry. His introduction to RF technology began with AM and FM analog signals. While he was in high school, he began to see digital modulation techniques coming into the marketplace. GSM, iDEN and CDMA technologies were vastly superior to the systems he had grown up with. His first networks used 10Base2 and 10BaseT Ethernet. Looking back, these networks were archaic. Connecting an 802.11b radio to the wired network allowed an unimaginable freedom. Even in its infancy, the technology was very clearly going to change the face of communications. He realized wireless and wired networking would be his career. In college, he majored in Management Information Systems.

His first post-college job involved building some of the first 802.16 WiMAX networks in the United States. This was an amazing experience. The exposure to fiber backhaul, microwave backhaul and RAN base stations significantly increased his knowledge of networking and cellular communications.

Bryan returned to the family business to help construct a Network Trunked Radio System. This system allows two-way radio users to roam from site to site seamlessly. These users communicate across multiple sites. The repeaters are networked across multiple wireless and wired links.

After moving to the Midwest Bryan began working on hotel networks. Hospitality networks require certain considerations that are not common to the typical network design. It is in this role that his knowledge of 802.11 networks has blossomed. He is responsible for network design, RF design, installation support and escalation support. He has designed networks for hotels with several rooms and some with several thousand rooms. Some of the unique challenges when designing hotel networks include deployment cost minimization, security, educating decision makers, coverage vs. capacity, zone overlap, legacy devices, captive portal and meeting disparate hotel standards. His goal to become a Certified Wireless Network Expert has come true.

Why the Viking? Bryan loves his Scandinavian heritage. His alma mater, Western Washington University, is made up of Vikings. He is a member of Sons of Norway. The connection between the Vikings and the sea is well known. He likes the parallel of radio waves and the ships of his ancient ancestors. In many ways, the frames that pass over the radio waves are just like the long Viking ships crossing the waves of the sea.

Bryan Noe is the Wifi Viking!